Refund Policy

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Refunds for services are not issued, unless the service was NOT delivered within the time frame specified.

Prior to ordering, please, make sure you have carefully read and understood the product’s system requirements. If you are not sure about product compatibility or have questions about product features, please contact our Client Support Service. All inquiries are free of charge.

We do not refund because our products are INSTANT ACCESS by digital download.

I hope you can understand, it doesn’t make sense for the products sold on this website, because someone could make a purchase, download everything, use it for their business and then ask for a refund.

They would still have all of the images, videos or newsletters and could still use them. There’s no way for me to reach into their computer to delete them once they’ve been downloaded.

So obviously, that would NOT be fair to my other customers or to me for that matter. So for those reasons I’m not giving a money-back guarantee with any products or services offered on this website.

However, I do provide some of the very best support in the business. I usually reply to support requests within a few hours, that’s the best way I can earn your trust and protect my reputation. ????

Please note, refund policy is respected per each product in the sales funnel.

You can always contact us at:

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