Advanced Posting

Advanced Posting Service

Advanced Posting

$ 97
00 Month
  • Up to 11 Platforms
  • Up to 10 Clients
  • Image Branding
  • Add Hashtags To Comments
  • Add Website URLs To Comments
  • Posting To Facebook Pages
  • Posting To Facebook Groups
  • Posting To Google Business profile
  • Posting To LinkedIn Profiles
  • Posting To LinkedIn Business Pages
  • Posting To Instagram Business Pages
  • Posting To Pinterest
  • Posting To Twitter
  • Posting To YouTube
  • Posting To Tumblr
  • Posting To Reddit
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Advanced Posting FAQ

Yes, you may use your own graphics with our service, however, each image must be accompanied by a csv of text blurbs that match the images. We will not go through and make edits or changes.

Typically, we post twice a day, but we’re happy to adjust that to serve your clients needs. 

Your membership entitles you to post for up to 10 clients. We have 8 social platforms, and each client can post to any of these 5 platforms. You don’t have to post daily, and you can also schedule posts more than once daily. If you have questions, please reach out and let us help you clarify. The most important thing is that we get it set up the right way on the front end to facilitate the automation process.

No, if you cancel you will not receive a refund. We will continue posting to your clients social media profiles for the duration of you current subscription unless you instruct us to stop immediately.

We try to add new graphics packs every month, and sometimes there will be more than one added every month.

Yes, upon request we will add your client’s logo to all images we post except for the 365 packs.

Once we receive your posting request inside your client dashboard and your client is connected, posting will usually be started within two business days. On rare occasions it could take an extra day if we are experiencing a heavy work load.

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